Who is the Computer Repair Guru?

We are a local Sunshine Coast IT business.

Meet Christopher 
(the IT Guru)

We have been on the Coast since June 2016 and we love The Sunshine Coast. The lifestyle is exactly what we were looking for as a family. What a great place to bring up our kids. I am a person who values my family and surroundings. I look forward to expanding my successful business in the years to come.
I have been working in the computer trade for over 20 years. I am a qualified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I am A+ certified in the computer hardware field. When I left school I studied Computer Science and received a 1 year Diploma certification with honours. I then proceeded to work for 2 business's and after a period of about 7 years I decided to start my own business. I have been involved in my own business ventures since April 2001.
I was born in South Africa and lived in Johannesburg up until 2015. We immigrated to Australia and I have been doing some sub-contract work for other Geek business's. I started my business in Australia as of the 14/09/2015. I started in Canberra and was based in the North for approximately 14 months. We then decided we would like to live by the Ocean and other family members immigrated to The Sunshine Coast. We then decided to move to the Sunshine Coast which was far more suitable for our living conditions - especially the weather!
- Christopher Furniss
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